Friday, November 19, 2010

Say Cheese!

I can't believe...

a) I'm *that* mom who uses *that* phrase to try to get my kid to smile and
b) that it actually worked...sort of.

When J was a baby...she'd LAUGH and GIGGLE and SMILE all the time...until...the camera came out to capture the moment.  Then she'd freeze and be completely serious.  I have a LOT of photos of her with pretty much *zero* expression because she noticed the dreaded piece of photo equipment in her line of sight.
So, I tried *that* phrase.  Now that J is learning to talk (a lot), I figured if I could get her to at least say cheese, at the very least, she'd be looking in the direction of the camera without a scowl.  While it's not the most *natural* smile, it's nice to finally be able to get a half-happy look on command...the only problem is now that it's not so easy to get her to say cheese, AND look at the camera at the same time.  I got lucky with this photo.  We're working on it.
Last night around ten o'clock, I came across a weekly sketch challenge on  It looked really simple...not a lot of detail, and I happened to have this photo printed and waiting to be I figured I'd give it a try.  The only catch was that the challenge ended at midnight.  That only left me two hours to scrap it, upload a photo of the layout and enter the challenge, but I figured with the simplicity of the sketch, it wasn't out of the question.  I thought it might take about half an hour.
For this layout, I used the Pebbles May Bouquet Collection along with Pebbles Chips (the flower), Crafts Pearls and Cork Lettering, Basic Grey button, American Crafts Thickers, Martha Stewart Ink and Recollections Kraft paper.
I would have had lots of time to get this layout done and entered except that I'm really into sewing on my pages right now and I don't own a sewing machine.  I'm ridiculously slow when I sew, but managed to get it done and in with 15 minutes to spare.

Here's my take...
 On this layout...
And yes, almost everything on the page was a steal from  :)

J looks so grown up in this photo (sniff, sniff).


  1. Another cute one Jana...wish we could scrap together!! :0)

  2. Gah! Meeeee toooooo! I would LOVE that! :)