Friday, November 19, 2010

Say Cheese!

I can't believe...

a) I'm *that* mom who uses *that* phrase to try to get my kid to smile and
b) that it actually worked...sort of.

When J was a baby...she'd LAUGH and GIGGLE and SMILE all the time...until...the camera came out to capture the moment.  Then she'd freeze and be completely serious.  I have a LOT of photos of her with pretty much *zero* expression because she noticed the dreaded piece of photo equipment in her line of sight.
So, I tried *that* phrase.  Now that J is learning to talk (a lot), I figured if I could get her to at least say cheese, at the very least, she'd be looking in the direction of the camera without a scowl.  While it's not the most *natural* smile, it's nice to finally be able to get a half-happy look on command...the only problem is now that it's not so easy to get her to say cheese, AND look at the camera at the same time.  I got lucky with this photo.  We're working on it.
Last night around ten o'clock, I came across a weekly sketch challenge on  It looked really simple...not a lot of detail, and I happened to have this photo printed and waiting to be I figured I'd give it a try.  The only catch was that the challenge ended at midnight.  That only left me two hours to scrap it, upload a photo of the layout and enter the challenge, but I figured with the simplicity of the sketch, it wasn't out of the question.  I thought it might take about half an hour.
For this layout, I used the Pebbles May Bouquet Collection along with Pebbles Chips (the flower), Crafts Pearls and Cork Lettering, Basic Grey button, American Crafts Thickers, Martha Stewart Ink and Recollections Kraft paper.
I would have had lots of time to get this layout done and entered except that I'm really into sewing on my pages right now and I don't own a sewing machine.  I'm ridiculously slow when I sew, but managed to get it done and in with 15 minutes to spare.

Here's my take...
 On this layout...
And yes, almost everything on the page was a steal from  :)

J looks so grown up in this photo (sniff, sniff).

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Baby-Sized Thunder Thighs...

Okay, I get it.  I'm going straight to Mommy-H-E-double-hockey-sticks for scrapping this photo...but doesn't every scrapbooking mom do something like this?  Anyone?  Anyone???
P and I just can't get over how such a teeny tiny human being can have such prominent sticky-outy thighs...(O's almost 6 months old in this picture).  I love, love, LOVE them...I just wanna pinch 'em!  We definitely needed to get a photo of his miniature baby version of thunder thighs before he starts crawling and burns away all that scrumptious baby fat!
This layout was based on another fabulous sketch by the fabulous Kristy at for their Mid-Week Mojo #18!
I used kraft paper for the first time as the background...I've wanted to use it for a while, but just couldn't get it to work!  I really, really like how it turned plain, which leaves you lots of room to get busy with the rest of the layout!  The paper and most of the embellishments used are from the American Crafts Blue Skies collection (another purchase).  The white trees with the green background are actually cut out from one of the patterned pieces of paper included in the kit.  I cut out nine of them, and just layered three on top of one another with foam dots in between to add a bit of dimension to the page...then I mounted them (and pretty much everything) on plain chocolate brown cardstock.  The stickers (the owl, birds, button and scalloped border, the little brown heart and the rest of the trees) are all a part of Blue Skies.  I never know how to use the here's my best shot at it!  The ribbon is also American Crafts.
I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE the look of sewing on a layout, but I don't have a sewing machine (although I did borrow one from my mother-in-law...and still haven't used it) and I've heard a few horror stories from friends of pages ripping when they use the machine on layouts (I. would. die)!  So, I took a pin and poked holes all around the blue/white striped paper and hand-stitched the entire way around with orange thread.  I did the same thing for the journaling leaf with green and brown thread.  The buttons are more than likely Basic Grey (I need more...I have a million, but I need more) and the string was actually part of some packaging from some monkey die-cuts that I was originally going to use in this layout, but didn't.  Yay for recycling would-be trash!
I'm so glad I finally got to use the little cork letters that I bought for a dollar about a year ago!  I bought three sets at Dollarama and tried to fit them into other layouts and this is the first time they worked!  The little green/blue/brown pearl stickers are also from Dollarama.  The log letters are from Michael's (not sure of the brand) and the 'thighs" letters are AC Remarks.
I guess my next layout better be of little Miss J...I'd hate for anyone to think I'm neglecting her!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Time Flies...

Here is my latest layout...featuring O!!!  He might be the cutest little 6-month old stinker there ever was, but WOW...time really is flying by!!!  Wasn't I just expecting?  He's doing so much now...laughing, sitting up, cutting teeth (two already), flirting (yes, flirting)...and he's really starting to relax a bit more as opposed to the whole I'm-a-newborn-baby-cater-to-my-every-need-RIGHT-NOW sort of thing.  Although, every time I say he's starting to become a laid-back little dude, something new happens to throw him off...teething, a cold, a cross your fingers that he really is going to turn out to be a chilled out little guy.  I'm sure he's just like every "normal" baby out there, but we're used to J's baby behaviour which was basically I'm-the-easiest-baby-there-ever-was kind of behaviour.  So, we've been spoiled...
I LOVE this collection by Imaginisce called Let's Roll.  Such adorable paper and love that there are some great collections out there for boys!  This layout is actually based on the Imaginisce blog's November sketch...also pictured.  With the exception of the lettering (American Crafts Thickers), the solid blue and solid red cardstock, embossing powder (American Crafts...used on the clouds), the thread (used for the airplane trails and to sew the buttons) and the buttons (I think most are Basic Grey from my ever-growing-but-I-still-need-more button collection)...everything you see is from the Let's Go collection (purchased from  Very nice sketch and perfect to feature my little guy at 6 months.  Don't you think a couple of the photos look like awkwardly posed school (particularly the two photos in the middle)?  A glimpse into my little scholar's future!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Scrappy Halloween's November 4th, but I've already done both J and O's Halloween pages.  I'm not normally this efficient, but I've been feeling especially crafty this week and reeeeeeaallly didn't want to clean the (absolutely filthy) house.  Problem solved.  Push back the housework and scrapbook (okay...I actually did get the house 'sort of' cleaned when I was done...about 3 minutes before P walked in the door...phew)!  
O was one seriously cute dragon, and J totally rocked her spider costume (and LOVED every minute of wearing it).  For O's layout, I used primarily Fancy Pants Designs 'Trick or Treat' with a few extras from other lines and for J's it was pretty much all American Crafts 'Halloween.'  I really liked the bold, bright colours of both kits and really couldn't pick a favourite if I had to.  I was lucky to snag both kits from at a discounted price.  This is most definitely my favourite website to find scrapbooking deals (enter online shopping addiction...and YES, they ship to Canada)!  They also have an online gallery on their Facebook Fan Page where you can check out other layouts done by some pretty great gals, not to mention enter your own layout for a chance to win a prize!  Every Wednesday, posts a Mid-Week Mojo Sketch on their blog (blue circle at the top of their website) to provide some inspiration for your own layout.  O's layout just happens to be based on the sketch for MWM#16...the sketch this week was a guest sketcher, Jessica Fancher, who provided a fantastic jumping-off point for my Halloween page!

Ahhhhh...entering the world of BLOGGING...

Well, I'm feeling excited to start this blog.  Okay, feeling a bit obligated (and maybe feeling slightly embarrassed with regards to my being sooooooo behind the times).  Nope, excited.  I mean, seriously, am I the only person who doesn't keep a blog?  I think it will be a great way to share my scrapbooking layouts, cards and whatever other craftylicious things I feel like giving a try (please keep in mind that I'm far from being a "professional"...just reeeeeallly enjoy my hobby)...or maybe it's just a way for me to *force* you to check out what this crazy family has been up to on a daily (okay, maybe, monthly?) you just don't forget about us.  Afterall, Elliot Lake is remote, ya know...outta sight, outta mind...well, not with the good ol' interweb (as P likes to call it)!  You're stuck with us now!  :)