Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Little Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated...

Please don't pretend like you've never held off on helping out one of your kids in snap a photo first.  Okay, well, maybe I'm just asking for a little bit of back up here from my fellow ease my guilty conscience.

We were playing outside and Owen's snowsuit is a little snug.  I ordered a size 2T at the end of last winter thinking that would offer plenty of room for him to grow. Well, not so much.  It's really quite snug and I'm 100% regretting not buying him a one-piece ski suit like Joely's Jupa (which I loooooooove...and she's on her second year wearing it).  The jacket fits okay, but the pants are very tight around his rather robust waist, so getting the button done a challenge.

His snug ski pants on top of the general waddling principles of a toddler in a snowsuit, make for a less than an enthusiastic boy heading outside (mostly during the "getting dressed" phase).  Getting down to play in the snow is no easy task when you are sausaged into your clothing, and apparently getting up from a fall proves to be no easier.

When Owen was stuck in this position, I grabbed the camera before helping him up (his frustrated tears and all) and snapped a photo.  He was not impressed.

To scrap this photo, I used EP Wintertime (love that collection) along with a few little tidbits I had been hoarding in my craft room.  All the paper and the journaling tag is from Wintertime, but underneath the photo I used plain ol' twine from the hardware store.  Kristy Lee ( used cardboard in her fabulous layout based on her awesome MWM Garnet #5 sketch and I loved the look of it, but didn't want to copy every element, so decided to try out the twine. Underneath the twine you see MME Laundry Line Natural "My Boy" trim and some white AC ribbon hiding underneath the snowflake sticker border (also EP).  You see the same style ribbon in red, also AC.

The single foam snowflakes are from the dollar store and were purchased for my two-year old's crafty stash...I wonder if she'll notice that there are a few missing...  I blinged up all the snowflakes on the layout with little gem stickers from the dollar store (I think).  They aren't fantastic quality, but didn't have a I'm just assuming. I love that there's so much bling on my boy's layout...not just for girls!

One strip of felt ric rac along the *seriously inked* vertical paper strips seemed to finish off that section of the layout for me.  I love Colorbox Fluid Chalk inks...I used Dark Brown all over this layout (I'm an inkaholic).  Lastly, American Crafts Remarks make up the word "help!" in the title and Cosmo Cricket Tiny Type fill in the blanks!

Another amazing sketch by the talented Kristy Lee!  Thanks Kristy!!!  My first layout of 2012!

Thanks for taking a peek!



  1. Oh my word! I love this layout! Not only for your amazing scrapbook skills. (Seriously, your layouts rock!) but for the fact that you captured this moment. Love!

  2. I love everything about this! And I totally support your strategy of taking pictures before helping him. It's not like he was in danger or anything. And in the long run, he won't remember the trauma but you'll have a fabulous layout to remind him!

  3. This is the cutest layout ever!! And the story is just absolutely precious. LOVE!

  4. LOVE your layout! The twine, the ribbon, the blinged out snowflakes, everything is perfect! And I am totally guilty of snapping a picture before helping a little one out!

  5. I too am guilty! Don't feel too bad. : ) Love your LO, it is really cute. Another confession....I too am an inkaholic. It just doesn't seem finished without a little ink. Loved your story. It made me laugh.

  6. I love the layout. It's cute and the lines are just great. The same with the colors too!

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