Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fun Frame!

Okay...we all know that mittens, rosy cheeks and snow days are right around the corner, and I think I can honestly say that I'm looking forward to the winter season.  I love playing outside in the snow and my kids are definitely "lemme outside" kind of I was excited when Kristy asked if I could help out, along with a few fellow "stealers" with today's steal...I had just the photo I ***needed*** to get out there on display!
I am a sucker for displaying my own photos in my house as artwork...we haven't invested a ton of money in decorating maybe it's just an excuse to get something (anything) up on the wall or sitting on the mantle, but give me a super cute pic of my kids over a Picasso anyday.

I started with spray painting the frame base in silver.  For the winter/Christmas season, I loooooove the look of cool blues, whites and silvers over the traditional red, green and I was already eying up Echo Park's Wintertime (one of my favourite EP lines) to cut into for this frame.

I used my pink ATG to line the outside edge with adhesive and cut my base paper to fit.  I trimmed off any excess with my x-acto knife and was left with a very neat and tidy covered frame.  Maybe a little too neat and tidy, lol, because I used my Imaginisce D-Stress tool to give the edges a bit of a worn look.  I added a few cute stickers (and made them pop with pop dots) along with an appropriate title for the photo I had in mind, some twine to "tie" the mitts together and added a bit of bling to the snowflake.  I had originally left the base blank with just the matching paper, but added the button, twine and pearls to give it a little something extra...

I was having some trouble getting just the right picture, so you're stuck looking at!

Thanks so much for stopping by!!!


  1. LOVE IT! Thanks again my friend. I miss you! <3

  2. this is such a cute frame Jana!! what an awesome project!

  3. Jana, between your projects and your kids, I don't think either could be cuter! Love your frame!

  4. Jana, this is amazing. I love how you put this together!!!